Carole Douillot
Carole’s enthusiasm as a coach, teacher and human being is unique. Her passion for exploring what it means to live a congruent life, happy and full of experiences led her to explore a large range of topics from Positive psychology to Existentialism. As a coach, teacher and writer she is determined to introduce effective programmes to schools, companies and individuals, Carole helps her clients go deep, helping them understand who they are and what makes them tick. As a result empowers them to go the extra mile, go out of their comfort zone, resolve inner and outer conflicts and embrace life’s challenges. She is a certified Transformational Life Coach, Youth Coach, Group Coach, Positive Psychology Coach and Existential Coach. She is ICF accredited (ACC level). She has worked with students, business owners and individuals from Academia. She also designs and runs Mindfulness and Life Group Coaching workshops in Cambridge. She is currently creating a social enterprise to work within school community.

Her one to one sessions will help you realise what really matters in life, which will improve your overall happiness. Her strengths are that she is good at understanding clients and helping them see things more clearly.

“My head always feels less foggy and more positive after seeing her”, Kayleigh
Wednesday 30 October 2019 at 2:22pm

Coaching is not always about the big changes; sometimes it can be as simple as giving you time to think!

  Giving yourself the time and space to process your thoughts can have a wonderful unforeseeable impact on your life. After 3 years of working together, Joana and I met one final time at the Welcome restaurant. We met there for the first time when I was just embarking on my life coaching journey. Joana was what you would call a “practice client”. We had sporadic sessions sometimes once a month sometimes nothing for a few months. So this final session was a way to say goodbye and to take stalk of what she had gained through our work together. I started the last …