Become a Chapter Lead

Join our leadership team to access our exclusive Chapter Lead community

Our vision is to be recognised as a global community that empowers women to become change-makers and achieve fulfilment in all areas of life, both professionally and personally. Since 2016 the Rising Network has delivered over 400+ events to over 25,000 participants and members.

But we don’t want to stop there.

We want communities to lead our mission and through our Chapter Lead community, we do just that. We support them behind the scenes. They accelerate progress towards a more gender-equal world by addressing the barriers that stop women from reaching their potential and thriving in their homes, economies, and societies.

The Rising Network ‘Chapters’ are led by our Chapter Leads who sit within the Leadership Team for each Chapter. Our chapters are local communities designed to connect, inspire and empower women, each with its own calendar of events, workshops, and activities for women in the local area.

Why become a Chapter Lead?

  • Join the leadership team
  • Tap into our exclusive Chapter Lead community
  • Build your network with high profile women
  • Access additional networking and mentoring exclusively for Chapter Leads only
  • Additional learning and training
  • Make a difference in the lives of others and contribute to our social mission
  • Boost your CV and LinkedIn profile
  • Develop your leadership skills and collaborate with other Chapter Leads
  • Increase your impact and presence
  • Develop your presenting, chairing, and facilitation skills
  • Build strong relationships and friendships

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Chapter Lead?

We are seeking vibrant, engaging women who share our values, and passionate about equality for women and in the development of others. Each Chapter Lead will collaborate with the network and other Chapter Leads in their local area to help shape events, activities, and the future direction of their chapter.

What are we looking for in a Chapter Lead?

  • You are passionate about empowering women.
  • You are vibrant, engaging and want to support others to thrive.
  • You want to build your network and enjoy networking with people from all backgrounds, communities and industries.
  • You want to develop your leadership, public speaking and facilitation skills.
  • You want to be part of a wider community of Chapter Leads across the UK.
  • You are a social activist and a champion of change.
  • You are passionate about equality and the empowerment of women.
  • You want to work collaboratively with others who share the same values and passions, centred around the Rising Networks mission.
  • You are able to offer between 4-6 hours per month to attend planning sessions, collaborate with other Chapter Leads, and to help to drive forward our social mission.

How to apply

If you think you’ve got what it takes and want to become a Chapter Lead, contact [email protected] for further details and to request an application form.

Please note: you must be a member of the Rising Network to become Chapter Lead as we are a network run by its members, for its members.

  • If you are an individual joining outside of an organisation, Chapter Lead membership applies to you. 
  • If you are an employee of an organisation, you can join as a corporate member or as a Chapter Lead member

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Emerging Chapters: South West UK, North East UK, USA, Germany

Frequently asked Questions

What support will I receive from the Rising Network as a Chapter Lead?

We’ll work with you to develop your leadership and facilitation skills and we’ll provide support and mentorship in your role as a Chapter Lead.

What types of events will I be expected to be involved in?

The chapters can organise a range of events, from informal networking and social events to workshops and seminars. In our chapters, we’ve covered everything from mental health and wellbeing to people management and leadership skills.

Will I need to organise the events myself?

No. You will work collaboratively with the other Chapter Leads to put on great events and programmes for women locally. This will provide you with the opportunity to build your network through the Chapter Lead community and network and develop your leadership skills.

How much time do I need to commit as a Chapter Lead?

We don’t expect more than 6-8 hours per month, this does not include time spent attending the events you wish to attend or your own learning on our e-learning platform.

I don’t have a specific background in the role I’m interested in, can I still apply?

It is desirable to have existing experience, but we will help you develop your personal and leadership skills, so if you think you have what it takes to become a Chapter Lead, then please get in touch.

Where can I find my nearest chapter?

We currently have chapters in Cambridge and London, and other emerging Chapters. If you would like to launch a Chapter in your area, please get in touch!