About Us

Empowering women around the globe to allow their true passions to guide their lives!

Our mission:

We use the power of community to help professional women realise their true potential, to navigate their next steps and to live a balanced life.

We inspire and enable women to:

  • Connect with their true identity, passion, purpose and direction
  • Navigate through transitions in life and achieve balance
  • Expand their network
  • Create financial freedom through personal and professional growth

Our values:

We take ACTION to:

  • Help others achieve their goals
  • Build a stronger community
  • Promote diversity and inclusion
  • Give back to others
  • Be authentic, honest and respectful
  • Have fun!

Our vision:

To be recognised as a global community that empowers women to become change makers.

We also champion:

  • Equality for women and equal representation in the workplace, politics, business, industry & media.
  • Raising awareness about issues affecting women and girls worldwide.
  • Positive psychology and well-being, raising the awareness of mental health in a positive light.