About Us

Empowering women around the globe to allow their true passions to guide their lives!

At the Rising Network we are here to empower women to create the life they love by creating meaningful change and balance across all areas of life. We inspire and enable women to:

  • Connect with their true identity, passion, purpose and direction
  • Navigate through transitions in life and achieve balance
  • Expand their network
  • Create financial freedom through personal and professional growth

We do this by promoting the achievements of women, health, well-being, professional and personal development by sharing experiences, tools and techniques at face to face events and online.

Our vision is to inspire women globally by providing an enriching environment where we can fulfill our true potential and thrive, to create a bigger impact together.

We also champion:

  • Equality for women and equal representation in the workplace, politics, business, industry & media.
  • Raising awareness about issues affecting women and girls worldwide.
  • Positive psychology and well-being, raising the awareness of mental health in a positive light.

How We Began by Lily Cheng, Founder

Lily How It All Began ABOUT US

The Rising Network came to life out of my own personal frustration when I was in search for a network for women back in December 2012. I was looking for a forum where I could discuss all aspects of life but I could only find industry and business networks for women or self-help groups but I knew I wanted something different.

I wanted a positive and upbeat environment where I could meet a diverse group of women with different backgrounds and influences, each bringing a different perspective, life lessons and experiences. I wanted a place where I could not only access shared learning and improve my health and well-being, but a place to meet a variety of practitioners, therapists and experts in their field to pick up life tools and techniques to discover my true self and to push forward my personal development.

Out of my personal need, the Rising Network was born. In January 2013 I held my first informal meetup and I’ve never looked back. Since then we’ve ran over forty two face to face events, bringing together thousands of women – each event presenting new learning and connections.

As a woman, I feel so empowered by being in an enriching environment where I can not only evolve and fuel my personal development, but more importantly have a support network where I can develop rich relationships and friendships.

It’s now time for all women across the world to fully awaken. It is our time to create positive change not only in our personal lives but collectively to create economic and social impact. It all starts from within. Before we can create significant impact and make a real difference we have to invest in ourselves.

Here at the Rising Network, we welcome all women. All ages, all backgrounds, and from any country around the world. I hope that this network provides women with the much needed space to discover our true potential.

To read more about my story check out ‘My Letter to You’ and ‘My Why’.

Invest in yourself, rise up and join the movement of women today. JOIN US HERE!