About Us

Our vision

To be recognised as a global community that empowers women to become change makers.

Our story

It all began in January 2013. Read more about our story.

Our mission

We use the power of community to connect, inspire and empower women to create meaningful change and balance in all areas of life.

We enable women to:

• Connect with their true identity, passion, purpose and direction.
• Expand their network and connect with other women across communities and industries.
• Create positive change and make a real difference in the lives of others.
• Continuously develop and advance themselves in the workplace.
• Navigate through transitions in life.
• Achieve balance in all areas of life.

Our values

We take action to:

• Help others to achieve their goals.
• Build a stronger community.
• Champion equality, diversity and inclusion.
• Give back to others.
• Be authentic, honest and respectful.
• Have fun!