About Us

The Rising Network is a vibrant network empowering women to reach their true potential. We offer mentoring, e-learning courses, masterclasses, workshops, events, networking, webinars and other learning and development programmes to empower women to reach their true potential through upskilling, peer to peer learning and knowledge transfer in a supportive learning and networking environment.

Topics range from mindset, cultivating confidence and wellbeing, to diversity and inclusion, career progression, leadership, and how to break the glass ceiling.

Our mission

We use the power of community to empower women to realise their true potential and to achieve balance and happiness in all areas of life.

We enable women to:

• Connect with their true identity, passion, purpose and direction.
• Expand their network and connect with other women across communities and industries.
• Create positive change and make a real difference in the lives of others.
• Continuously develop and advance themselves in the workplace.
• Navigate through transitions in life.
• Achieve balance in all areas of life.

Our vision

We are a global community that empowers women to become change-makers to make a difference in their everyday life and in the lives of others.

Our values

We take action to:

• Help others to achieve their goals.
• Build a stronger community.
• Champion equality, diversity and inclusion.
• Give back to others.
• Be authentic, honest and respectful.
• Have fun!