I have a clinical background at a senior level in public health nursing, as a university and college lecturer and researcher. So I know how important it is to look after my own wellbeing and so in addition to spending time walking my dogs in Norfolk I do environmental volunteering one day a week. Being outdoors in nature doing something good for the environment is the best form of self care I can experience.
Thursday 23 August 2018 at 8:34pm

7 Reasons Why Holidays are Good for Us

We all agree that we like holidays! Some people spend months planning their main big holiday. Some live for the next holiday! You know that you enjoy being on holiday but why are holidays are good for us? Read below the 7 reasons why holidays are good for us. 1. Nature – many people spend their holiday by the sea and spend more time outdoors in nature – not just being active or relaxing but eating every meal outdoors. Spending time either in green nature or blue nature (sea, rivers or lakes) has been shown to be massively positive for …